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About the company and Company Profiles

Here at Volume II Ltd we pride ourselves on producing the best possible experience for our clients from start to finish. Who is Volume II Ltd? View our Founder and House Designer profiles to find out more.

Our experience can be traced back as far as the Eighties with some of our team having over 35 years experience at the top end of their respective trades. From our Design team right the way through to the final build we keep the highest possible standards. Nothing is left to chance, we even have a specialist cleaning division within our company.

Volume II Ltd have been making great strides within the Exhibition and Events arena. In the last few months new contracts have been acquired on an almost daily basis. After hugely successful ventures in to Europe and the middle east in past months the company is moving from strength to strength. Check out our founder and designer profiles.

The future is looking bright as we are entering in to some new and very exciting projects across the globe.


Company Founder

Our founder, Mickie Howard, has worked on high profile projects within the industry during this time, and is still at the forefront of his profession, and involved in each project we undertake.  Having founded the company himself, he remains passionate about his craft and his infectious enthusiasm filters through to staff and clients alike.

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In-House Designer

Our in house designer Oliver Howard graduated in 2014 with a degree in Architecture. His expertise lie with CAD and photo-visualisation allowing you to achieve the exact design you are looking for.